Why Choose Mustard Seed Academy?

DO YOU KNOW? Your child spends the best six-eight of their waking hours in school, where their minds and worldview are shaped by their teachers, classmates, books and curriculums.

Your child spend about 15,000 hours in school each year, the people with whom your child interacts during this time frame will have a profound impact on your child’s in school. These hours shape your child’s thoughts, influence, habits, character and future.

As parents or guardians, you must ask yourself:Who will influence my child during these school hours? Where will they spend the bulk of their day during these formative years, and will it be worth it?

At Mustard Seed Academy, we see our given opportunity to invest in every child. We believe that every child is a blessing from God.

During these hours as stewardship and a call of duty as a teacher. We educate our students to learn in a Christ-centered English environment from fun loving Christian teachers, both native and Japanese bilinguals. 

Yearly we’ve seen result has been not only outstanding academic performance but our students passing the enrollment to good schools.