June 2021

Flower’s Day- June 13

Flower’s Day is one of Christian holiday which children visit Police Stations or other social facilities and give flowers to convey their continual gratitude.

This year, we presented 50 Thanks cards to medical professionals from Mustard Seed Academy with our full-hearted gratitude, and the cards were posted at the hospital.

To all front line health workers in the midst of pandemic of COVID-19 with utmost appreciation, we pray for God’s protection to be upon all of them.

April 2021

CHEA Japan WEB Seminar

Staff of Mustard Seed Academy attended a WEB Seminar of CHEA Nippon held by zoom. The main speaker was Ms. Joyce Inoue (Chairman of Child D Ministry) in L.A., who has provided supports through biblical analysis and encouraged children and families related to learning disabilities. We learned practical analysis and advise on learning disabilities and development delays both in children and adults with hope and encouragement written in the Bible. Keeping in mind what we learned in the seminar, we would like to cherish the characters, encourage development of the abilities and enjoy growing together with the precious students that the parents entrust in the hands of our academy.

October 2020

Academy Staff Safety Training

All the staff of Mustard Seed Academy have gone through the safety training conducted by ambulance team on CPR, AED usage and the method of removing foreign substances in case of choking. As the school that look after precious children, we will continue to equip ourselves to cope with emergency and secure the safety of the students.

March 2020

English Saturday Certificate Presentation

Certificate Presentation of English Saturday in Year 2019 was held.
Conversations using English expressions learned in the past year was showcased. Parents and guardians were impressed, seeing their children using English expressions freely to meet the situations given and to be able to compose sentences using certain English phrases. After the showcase, the students received certificates of completion, achievement, and contribution, commending their efforts and contributions.

Congratulations!! We’re proud of you! Keep up the good work in Year 2020 also!!

December 2019

Kids Christmas Party 2019 

Kids Christmas of the whole Mustard Seed Academy was held on December 21, and the students and their friends enjoyed the variety of programs. During the event, the preschool students took a part in the musical play done in all English. It was a great experience for the students to work together with elementary school, junior high school and high school students. On the day the students were awarded for their achievements for this year from the principal. The faces of the students were alight with accomplishment! 

Winter Concert 2019

On December 19, Winter Concert was held at Kyoto Glory Church. Our preschool students and the family also enjoyed the great performance by Grammy Award winners, Nikko Lowe, John Fluker, and Tim Kepler. The venue was packed and was filled with excitement. We all enjoyed the great music as well as the wonderful Bible message by Pst. Shuji Hiraoka. The preschool students were honored to be able to present the bouquets to the wonderful guests!

November 2019

Sports Day 2019

The 1st Mustard Seed Academy Sports Day was held. Under the clear autumn sky, the students of each school under Mustard Seed Academy got together and competed with full of energy. They enjoyed autumn, the great season for sports‍ !!

August 2019

Summer Concert 2019

On a big stage and in front of more than 250 people, the students sang, danced and recited English speech. Although there was a number of students who could not attend due to their health, the students did well and covered for the classmates who were absent. Surely, it will become an invaluable and worthy experience for the children that they performed in front of many audiences!

December 2018

Christmas Musical!

Kids Christmas Party for whole Karashidane Academy students was held. Within the party, original musical play with the script written by the junior high school and high school students of our academy was performed. Our preschool students played adorable sheep!

December 2018

Winter Concert!

They had been able to have fellowship with many people from many different countries. Last guest of this year was the artist of Grammy winner! They could present a bouquet of flowers without any hesitation! It would be a great treasure for them in the future that they could have this kind of cross-cultural communication when they are very young!