Welcome to Church School

(For Elementary, Primary and Secondary School Students)

We teach each student with one’s own curriculums.

We make your weak subjects good at school. Some students are learning what to do next year. Let’s increase and improve more on your specialty subjects.

Every student achieves good results, and passes upper grades of official approval of practical use mathematics skill and The Japan Kanji Aptitude Test.

Our high school students belong to the advanced class in their school. With the exam, they came out on top in the class, and rank the top 5 in the grade. They also passed the entrance exam of the universities which they wanted to enter. 

Church School is the registered venue for Eiken Jr., Eiken, Kanji Aptitude Test, and Practical Mathematics Proficiency Test.

No entrance test for Intellectual Education Class and Church School


12-year-old student passed Grade 3 (the level of junior high school graduation)!

13-year-old student passed Grade pre2 (the level of high school)!

16-year-old student passed Grade 2 (the level of high school graduation)!


13-year-old student passed Grade 4 (the level of junior high school student)!

16-year-old student passed Grade pre-2 (the level of university student) of Test!


11-year-old student passed Grade 7 (the level of the 5th grade student)!

13-year-old student passed Grade 5 (the level of the 7th grade student)!

Church School Monthly Fee:

Church School’s Flyer

Enrollment fee ¥3,000

Elementary school student Monthly fee ¥12,000 (twice a week / 2 hours per lesson)

Junior high school student ¥15,000 per month (twice a week / 2 hours per lesson)

High school student ¥20,000 per month (twice a week / 2 hours per lesson)

*No entrance test required for church school